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Montreal, Quebec

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Ingrid Bachmann has presented her multidisciplinary work nationally and internationally at exhibitions and festivals in Belgium, the U.S., Estonia, Singapore, Peru, the UK, and Cuba. Exhibitions include the 11th Havana Biennial (Cuba), Manifestation d'art International 6 (Quebec) and Command Z: Artists Exploring Phenomena and Technology (USA). She  has lectured at art schools and museums worldwide, including; Goldsmiths College, London; University of Wollongong, Australia; Southern Alberta Art Gallery; University of Maryland at Baltimore; the Banff Center; and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago; among many others.

She is the co-editor of Material Matters (YYZ Books, 1998, 1999, 2011), and has contributed essays to several anthologies and periodicals including The Object of Labor, (MIT Press 2007). She is also a founding member of Hexagram: Media Arts Institute and is the director of the Institute of Everyday Life, an art/ideas lab based in Montreal, Quebec.

Bachmann’s work is polymorphous and multi-disciplinary.  She works across a range of materials and techniques. She often works in existing sites or with found or discarded objects, as well as with life forms such as humans, hermit crabs and tectonic plates. She tries to highlight the extraordinary in the everyday.  She often works with technology but is interested in the idea of tender, even pathetic, technology, and is interested in using technology for ends that are not necessarily productive in the usual sense of the word.

She sees her work as an artist as akin to the job of a dowser – searching for improbable if not impossible things – that are out of sight but present in the world around us.   She is interested in the technology of magic employed by amusement parks, traveling circuses, and nomadic evangelical tent preachers.