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Montreal, Quebec




wednesday, october 19 5:30-7:30pm

FOFA GALLERY, Concordia University
EV 1.715, 1515 Ste-Catherine West, Montreal

Hybrid Bodies, a multidisciplinary research and artistic creation project brings together the domains of Arts, Ethics, Medicine and Ontology to investigate the complexities of heart transplant. 

The Hybrid Bodies catalogue features essays and artworks from prominent artists, theorists and art historians, who address the Process of Incorporating a Transplanted Heart (PITH) research team’s efforts within the multifaceted world of transplant medicine. Hybrid Bodies collaborators and members of the Process of Incorporating a Transplanted Heart (PITH) team will be in attendance. 


Catalogues will be available for purchase at the launch. 

Few organs are as charged as the human heart. Seen as both the seat of human identity and the archetypal symbol of love, it is an organ that has been ascribed qualities and associations far beyond its anatomical functions.

While significant research has been conducted in transplantation using the bio-medical model, few researchers have explicitly connected organ recipients’ experiences and cultural views about transplantation to the notion of embodiment. The aim of this project is to further explore the complexity of organ transplantation in a novel way which makes it accessible to the public by providing context to discuss and explore these ideas.